Watson Lumber

Products manufactured by Watson Lumber include green, air-dried and kiln-dried, rough or surfaced 4/4 and 5/4 Red and White Oak, Hickory, Pecan, Sap Gum, and Beech Lumber. 

Logs are procured within a 100-mile radius of the facility, and the company procures about 85 percent of the logs. 

We are a full service procurement sawmill.

As the logs are brought into the facility, they are bar-coded for tracking and await their turn in the debarker.  Once the log is debarked, it is manufactured into a cant and sent to the resaw, the edger, and then the sorter.  The lumber is then inspected by one of two National Hardwood Lumber Association trained inspectors.  

Our lumber is sawn from the head rig, to the resaw, through the turner, and into the sorter.  It's never flat packaged.  We put it on sticks.  It's dipped immediately, goes through the draining cycle and out on the dry yard, all in less than a 10-hour period.   This process keeps the lumber from staining.  We are very careful with our lumber.

After these steps are cautiously taken, products are air-dried, and then kiln-dried if needed and stored or shipped.  Our facility has 500,000 feet of kiln-dried capacity.

Close to 90% of our production is 4/4 and 5/4 Red and White Oak.  Our Arkansas Oak is very similar in color and texture to the Appalachain Oak found in West and Central Tennessee, but with overall better lengths and widths.  We have some of the best red color you will find.  70 to 80 percent of production is Red Oak.  We have the ability to mix and match loads to accommodate the customer's preference.  For example, a customer may have a special request such as 8/4.  To accommodate this request, necessary changes are made for production.

Watson customers are all over the world and include wholesalers, wholesale distributors, end users, and industrial end users.

Some of our unique characteristics at Watson Lumber are the ability to fill unusual requests, the reputation of the company in the industry, and the experience and dedication of employees.


170 Mill Road, Mt. Holly, AR, 71758, United States
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